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Fraud Inspections

We as a company are staunch believers in combating fraud within the industry and are members of IFIG. There are several scenarios which seem to be the most common in this type of claim, personal injury, exaggerated claims, staged accidents, nonexistent accidents, staged burnouts, fictitious hire and storage charges.

Fraud is estimated to be costing over £350m a year in the motor insurance sector alone according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This can range from individual policyholders to more organised fraud rings that on occasion hide the vehicle or move it many miles to a different area of the country. We are able to deal with this effectively as we have a vast network of engineers, allowing us to accomplish compatibility reports effectively. We often find that cold calling is beneficial when dealing with this type of case to prevent the vehicle disappearing, and will do our very best to track the vehicle down, often undertaking more than one cold call.

Road Traffic Accident Inspections

We can carry out detailed examination of all types of vehicle, cars, motorcycle, bicycle, light commercial, HGV, caravan, agricultural equipment. Our inspections are available throughout the UK and normally within 48 hours of instruction, dependent on availability. We are able to inspect at home, work, repairers, recovery and storage yards or other accessible locations.

During the inspection the fully qualified engineer will examine the vehicle as a whole, taking note of any pre existing damage. The engineer will compile the report using Thatcham Escribe for the manufacturer’s correct method of repair whilst using Audatex and Glassmatix for the repair times and parts costing.  We base our valuations on the industry standard Glass’s Guide where applicable, also doing extensive research for more specialist vehicles, and using current market trends.

Using our own specially developed web based reporting system a report is normally submitted within 24 hours of inspection. Each report has multiple full colour images, incorporates the DVLA information where appropriate. Reports can be viewed securely online and will be sent as a pdf attachment, all report can be downloaded securely using your company log in.

Post Repair Inspections

This type of inspection is carried out when there are issues or concerns with the standard of repairs, this report will outline the standard of repairs and vehicle roadworthiness.

It is often beneficial to have a representative of the repairer attend in conjunction with the complainant and the engineer. This ensures that all the concerns can be identified and addressed at one time ensuring a speedy resolution. Our engineer will compile an unbiased report based on the information obtained during this examination; this will then form the basis of the agreed rectification work. Many insurance companies also use this method to ensure that the repairer has followed the guidelines’ set out by the engineer and utilised the correct parts. Images are taken and used to substantiate our findings.

Diminution In Value

Insurers, Solicitors, Motor Trade and the general public all have a need for this type of report on occasion. 

Diminution in value can occur when a vehicle has been involved in an accident and repaired, particularly when the repairs have been extensive or structural in nature. If the vehicle in question is less than 4 years old, classic, vintage or specialist and has been accident damaged and consequently repaired, it’s unlikely to sell for the same price as an identical vehicle with no damage incurred.

A Diminution report quantifies the value of the vehicle based upon its history, we examine the vehicle and consider the type, extent, and cost of repairs, age, coupled with the desirability of the vehicle. We provide and independent unbiased report irrespective of whether instructed by Defendant or Claimant.

Valuation Disputes

We carry out inspections in order to undertake a detailed assessment of the vehicle in question when there has been a dispute in valuation usually during the Total Loss Process which is not uncommon.

Our engineers will undertake to compile a detailed report and valuation of the vehicle using numerous proven sources, such as Glass’s Guide, national market research and other means available. The engineer will take into consideration the mileage, condition, history, previous owners and extras fitted also, in order to provide a realistic valuation in the current marketplace.

Prepurchase Inspection

Purchasing a vehicle can be stressful and uncertain, not to mention costly, more so if the vehicle to be purchased is located in another area.

A PPI is a detailed appraisal by a qualified engineer to ascertain the safety, mechanical, cosmetic condition of a vehicle before completing a purchase. The objective of the PPI is to uncover existing issues which may have financial or safety ramifications in the future.

Roadworthiness Inspections

These are sometimes required following an accident requiring extensive repairs, when the vehicle in question has been a total loss subsequently repaired or when a vehicle has been modified in some way. Insurance companies will often require these to be done by their policyholder.

These are undertaken by our fully qualified engineers and can assist you in getting back on the road quickly and securely. As independent engineers our reports are unbiased and will reflect the true condition of the vehicle, if issues come to light during our inspection we will highlight these and advise a method of rectification and consequently re inspect when these have been completed if required to do so.

Desktop Inspections

We are able to compile a report within hours using the latest technology ensuring a speedy resolution to urgent claims; digital images can be emailed to our office, with estimates or networked through using Audatex. 

Our engineers are fully conversant with Thatcham, Audatex and Glassmatix. We will negotiate with the repairers, agree costs and compile the report minimising turnaround times and potential hire charges. This method also helps with our carbon footprint and has benefits for the environment.


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